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King Wanjo z Milhostovskych Poli is a calm and easy-going male with strong nerves and a self-confident appearance. He is extremely passionate about water and shows persistent searches with large canter strides, a very good nose and an impressive pointing manner in the field. He is in excellent health, HD, ED and OCD free.

He is densely haired, mixed rough and gray with markings.

The young male has already successfully mated three times and is from Slovakia by breeder Michal Urban. He is currently owned for hunting in Austria, but Michal still has the breeding rights. Michal was also my contact with whom we were able to choose the right male as an absolute Slovak connoisseur in the country of origin.

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Jorek, Huntingtales Arctic Bear, is an impressive male with a strong will and a confident demeanor. He lives in England and is used in dummy sports and field trials.


He is an import and originally comes from Norway, from the experienced hunting dog breeder Mari Galaaen. Jorek is very strong-boned and belongs to the heavier breed, he is passionate about water, has a will to find and the necessary toughness and sharpness. He is in perfect health, free from HD, ED and OCD.

His thick, mixed-breed rough hair and his pure-bred grey coat colour, in addition to his health and performance, make him the perfect match for Chili.

The young male has already successfully mated.

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