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Accompanies our A-litter from mating the bitch to picking up the puppies and beyond...

The heat 

Chili made it exciting and missed the expected heat in late autumn 2022. In February the time had finally come.

The cover act

On March 5th we drove almost 900 km, on the 2nd day of standing heat with suitable progesterone values, to Hennersdorf near Vienna (AT). The male was already waiting there. After getting to know each other, playing and showing off, the first jump worked effortlessly and freestanding. After 25 minutes of hanging, the two relaxed and let Chili rest in the hotel. 

On March 6th, the trunk was barely open and the two dogs repeatedly mated under the eager gaze of breeders and owners. 

Then we started our journey back to Saarland.

The pregnancy

Day 1-12: no personality or physical changes. The bleeding from heat is gone.

Day 12-14: Chili has light, dark spotting.  We have the vet check the inflammation values - everything is ok. 

Day 24: Chili has no real appetite and white discharge.

Day 25: Ultrasound. Chili is pregnant and we are expecting our A-litter vom Schweinsgräbchen.

Day 26: Chili's abdominal circumference has already grown from 52 cm to 54.5 cm, the teats are beginning to change visibly. Chili is a little more alert than usual. 

Day 32: 56 cm waist circumference, Chili has already extensively tested the whelping box and likes to rest in it.

Day 36: 67 cm waist circumference, slowly you can see that Chili is pregnant. She has a slightly yellowish discharge

Day 41: Chili has a really big appetite and is practically dying for food when she's not sleeping. 

Day 43: Chili received the first wormer treatment during pregnancy, she is tired today and almost only sleeps. 

Day 44: Belly circumference is now 74 cm, unbelievable how fast the puppies develop and grow.  Chili's teat hair has almost completely fallen out.



Impressions and results

Here you can find pictures, health and test results of the A-litter.

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