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Slovenský hrubosrstý stavač

vom Schweinsgräbchen

Welcome  to our website.


We breed high-performing and stable slovakian roughhaired pointer for hunters and want to give here an overview of our breeding goals, the breed and ourselves.


Since we are aware that we cannot present everything here, we look forward to every personal contact by email.


We are breed lovers and responsible breeders who care about the well-being of each puppy. If you are interested in a puppy from our house, we attach great importance to getting to know each other beforehand. If the chemistry just isn't right, that's not bad at all, because there are other good breeders too!


"Wer dem Wilde zugetan, weil er gar nicht anders kann, 

da er sich mit Herz und Hand liebend der Natur verband, 

spürt in seiner Seele Grund und seiner Waidmannsehre, 

dass er ohne guten Hund nur ein halber Jäger wär."

Our Chili (Charlotte vom Forsthaus Hubertus) is scheduled to be inoculated in 2024. All preparations for this have already been made.

If you are interested in a puppy from our B litter, please apply as soon as possible. We are planning for the second half of 2024.

As responsible breeders, our bitch will only be mated if we have enough suitable interested parties.

You can find more information about the male and the litter here !

foto 24.08.22, 16 41 48.jpg
Unser Hunde

Our hunting dogs are part of the family and are almost always with us. We attach great importance to the suitability of our dogs for everyday use, but without forgetting that they are hunting dogs with special requirements.

In addition to the hunting, our dogs are active in bikejoring, freebiking and dummy sports. We see the utilization and training outside of the hunting season as a natural and species-appropriate keeping requirement for hunting dogs - especially for those from corresponding performance breeds.

foto 22.01.22, 13 51 01.jpg

Halunke von Wetschausen

German wirehaired pointer

wt. April 20, 2019, male

VJP Corona Notlösung 4 Pkt, Spl,

HZP o.Sp. 186 Pkt, volle BP RLP, Sj.-DD


iHalunke is a passionate hunter. In practice, he shines on small game hunts with his firm pointing and safe retrieval. He also shows outstanding toughness, sharpness and passion on driven hunts for wild boar and big game. He finds every piece of game and retrieves it safely to the shooters. He didn't choose family life, but he bears it with composure.


Charlotte vom Forsthaus Hubertus

Slovakian wirehaired pointer

wt. 01/28/2021, bitch

VJP1, 72 Pkt. Suchensieger,

VJP2, 76 Pkt., spl. Suchensieger,

volle BP RLP, HZP o.Sp. 161 Pkt

Chili is a typey and large-framed bitch who also impresses with her extravagant color. She is easy to handle, has an enormous will to work and will to please and the necessary hardness and sharpness that she needs as a hunting dog in the field, forest and on the water.  

The absolute social compatibility and her always friendly nature also make her the perfect family dog. 

foto 18.10.22, 12 56 59.jpg

Doktor Waldi vom Budenbacher Bau Wirehaired dachshound standard

gew. 16.06.2022, male

The little bully is the youngest member of our pack. As befits a  young dog, he is open, friendly, curious and impetuous.


So far, he has also been very friendly and open-minded towards other conspecifics, people and children, and is already showing his first hunting passions, which now need to be developed. ​


He is our daughter's absolute favourite, our dog Chili's playmate and Halunkes personal nerve.

foto 30.08_edited.jpg

We! Our daughter Violetta Elin, who was born in October 2019, Anton Röder and Meike Scholer.


Anton is a master painter and boss of his on business.


Meike has a degree in business administration and interior design and has worked in marketing management for a group. During her parental leave, she has already devoted herself entirely to the family, to hunting and training the hunting dogs, and at the same time she lovingly takes care of the small family business and all the tasks that arise there. ​


Our home is in Saarland, near the border to France and Luxembourg. We both live and love hunting in two areas right on our own doorstep. The hunt, dog training and love of nature, the time together with our daughter and the animal hunting companions are what particularly connects us and inspires us every day. ​ With our own kennel, we want to strengthen the Slovakian wirehaired pointer breed in Germany and make these great gundogs known and play a key role in breeding them. After almost two years of planning, preparation, training, exhibitions and exams with the bitch, we are very much looking forward to breeding.

Weißscheckung erste Tage_02.jpg


Our dogs live with the family in the house and sometimes during the day in the spacious outdoor area with kennel. The puppies are with us in the house for the first few weeks.


Our office will be transformed into a puppy room for the rearing period. In this way we can take good care of our puppies and the bitch and the puppies also get to know the lively everyday family life and of course get used to all everyday noises such as vacuum cleaners, kitchen appliances, visitors and children. Excursions to the fresh air will of course also take place during this time.


From the 5th week, depending on the number of litters, they move with the mother dog into the outdoor area with a puppy playground during the day, where they can romp, play, discover and rest in a way that is suitable for hunting dogs. For habituation and further socialization, small groups sometimes go into the house and go on excursions to the hunting ground together. According to their future tasks, the puppies are trained in hunting and game.

Anker 1
Die Rasse

As active hunters, we would like to breed slovakian wirehaired pointers that convince with excellent hunting abilities and passion as a full-use huntingdog for all tasks before and after the shot and that can meet the requirements of every hunter. Especially with a small breeding base and a young breed, breeding naturally means more than just mating two promising, beautiful dogs. Research, training and an open exchange, also beyond national borders, are part of it in order to find the best matings. In our breeding, we attach great importance to clear head, balance, a moderate basic temperament and a friendly character, so that the dogs can not only convince in the hunt, but also in everyday life. We also want to compensate for the deficits we feel in the still young breed and of course not neglect the defined standards of the FCI/VDH. Breeding healthy dogs is a matter of course for us.

The slovakian wirehaired pointer is a versatile hunting dog. It is suitable for all work before and after the shot, for searching for injured game and for retrieving - whether in the field, in the forest or in the water. The breed standard describes his nature as obedient and easy to train. The Slovakian wirehaired pointer is an extremely intelligent hunting dog that learns quickly, but in our opinion also requires very clear leadership and consistent training. He bonds very closely to his caregivers, needs direct family contact, but also clear boundaries and opportunities to retreat to be able to switch off. In addition to the typical dispositions of the chief, he also has game and predator sharpness in general, without hunting headless. He is not a long-distance scout, but confidently detaches himself from the leader. We would like to share the experience of some first-time owners with the breed at this point: They found the Slovaks to be extremely demanding in hunting training, to the point of being almost impossible. We find that each dog is in its own way a challenge in hunting training, and cannot justify the poor light some first-time handlers paint the breed in. What is certain, however, is that the Slovak is less forgiving of mistakes and unfair harshness in training than many other robust German hunting dog breeds.

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